Today is the day I harvest my Lemon Verbena. The flowers and tops are as full as they can be and ready to be distilled into essential oil and hydrosol water.

Lemon Verbena has many medicinal uses but it is my favorite plant for clearing negative energy and calming and soothing all areas of our lives. I use the entire plant, the flowers and tops will be used for the hydrosols and the lower leaves will be dried for teas and bath blends.

The waxing moon is in Libra which adds to the calming properties already in her essence. Libra energy is so neutral and balancing. Just a note: Libra rules the hips, kidneys, and bladder so be extra cautious not to invite inflammation to these areas. Don’t leave damp clothing on your body and drink lots of spring water between the hours of 3 & 7 pm. Any exercise for the pelvic region is extra beneficial today.