It’s no secret that many of us have lost touch with nature and her rhythms. Over the past century we have removed ourselves from nature, living in concrete covered cities & suburbs, with time for only brief reprieves at the weekend or lunch breaks at a local park. It’s time for a return to sacredness and simplicity if we are to lead healthy balanced lives.

How has this disconnection affected us? 

15 years ago I worked in fashion, indoors all day, feeling lucky if I made it outside to eat my lunch and get a brief glimpse of the sky. To compound the absence of nature, I exercised in a gym, & drove for hours in freeway traffic.
I never made time to sit alone in nature. Instead, like so many others, I was always doing – being part of the crazy movement of fitness mania, striving to look good and always be ready for the next thing to do.
Many of us adopt this ‘lifestyle’ for reasons in part conscious and in part unconscious. Often we even forget our life’s purpose in chasing the “doing.”

My way back to nature was simple and direct. I was forced to look at my health as it was declining rapidly. Trouble had come looking for me.
For years lack of nourishment (not just food!), exercise, stress, greed, excess of alcohol, and ignorance of nature’s rhythm, I had overlooked minor signals that something was wrong, a headache here, a stomach discomfort there often is treated with a painkiller, until one day I was faced with overwhelming health challenges.
Many of you can probably relate to this, we believe if we eat right, go to the gym, take supplements we are doing the right things for our health, but I now see it’s all a sorry second to spending time in nature and letting her energy support us.

In our past, without shelters to protect us, we survived with the elements and naturally aligned our cycle with the seasonal cycle. It is now time to reapply that age-old knowledge – tried and tested over thousands of years.
The most direct way to reconnect to our natural rhythm is to spend time in nature and simply be ‘with’ her. By immersing ourselves in the outdoors, our bodies and souls can relax and realign within the larger natural forces around us. Our bodies, our vehicle on the journey through life, are very forgiving.

My previous reality, which held the belief I had to always be on top form, always ready for the next thing that would give me pleasure, was hurting me.
I began to see signs in nature that showed me constantly pushing forward & controlling everything in my life was hurting me. As I watched the troughs between and ebb and flow of the waves, I understood I was in a trough with my ill health and would rise again, but differently this time. I watched the winds of change blow the leaves off trees and how effortlessly they let go and fell to earth, where they disintegrated and became soil for future growth and I followed their lead and began letting go of habits and beliefs that no longer served me. I followed the lunar cycles and found comfort with my light and my shadow.

Certain plants and flowers called to me. It made me worry that I was going crazy. Upon my return I would return the memory of a plant would remain with me. It felt as though the plants had followed me home. I began to research their healing benefits in an attempt to quiet their insistent calling.
The first time I discovered one of the ‘noisiest’ of the plants “Milky Oat Tops” was a perfect antidote to one of my ailments; chronic anxiety. I was called to make infusions and apply them, instantly I was calmed.
How was it possible I had never heard of these wonderful natural cures before?

Beyond my new daily interactions with my ‘plant friends’ I had a very powerful, life changing experience. As the scriptures reveal words can’t describe spiritual experiences so I will just write factually.
I was walking past a grove of Peach and Plum trees in a very anxious, uptight mood. Completely unaware of my surroundings my thoughts were consumed me, as I marched head down, close to tears. Out of nowhere something made me stop dead in my tracks. I looked up at and suddenly experienced myself in the center of a matrix that had no beginning or end, connected to every tree on earth. I experienced the eternal pulse where everything is connected to everything else. I understood no thought passes without trace, and the ability to flow in your life is the key to finding health and harmony. I understood nature was a vast mirror that could be used to find the answers for anything in our lives.

I began to take others into nature to discover and to find answers in a way they had never experienced before. I could identify patterns and solutions for others by walking with them and searching for clues found together in nature. I believe we can find our way just as our ancestors did if we can just see life through different eyes.
The biology of our body flows from the harmony of the universe. We have a voice within us that knows what is really beneficial for our soul. Over time the pressures of daily life have caused that voice to become faint for many.

It’s possible for all of us to embrace life in a new more connected way. Whether we follow the position of the moon in the sign of the zodiac (and how that influences our body) or just ‘be’ in nature we step out in a new more natural way and in the process may reclaim health and harmony in our lives.

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Lesley is a professionally trained energy healer from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Body Worker, and trained with Patricia White Buffalo as a Shamanic Practitioner for 3 years.
She has a practice in Northern California and also works one-on-one with clients around the world via phone or Skype.
Her botanical remedies Heart-Felt Healing Botanicals are available online @
[email protected]
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