On August 2, 2016 the New Moon will fall in the heart-centred, courageous sign of Leo. The theme of this New Moon is fun and creativity, which is very different from all the heavy releasing work that the previous months have had in store for us.
Body Consciousness under Leo – Heart and Circulation
“The mental invitations for problems with the heart are: “I’m heart-broken about it. I take no pleasure in anything any more. Life is nothing but stress (heart problems). Money rules the world. What does friendship count for (heart attack) I’ll never get to gain the love and appreciation I need. But I’ll never give up trying (coronary obstruction).”
The heart region houses the power of our love. If we do not allow this to unfold, then in the truest sense we strangulate our heart. We have allowed ourselves to believe love is a sentimental feeling. It is not: the essence of feelings is their constant variation, they are merely the accompanying symptoms of other things – thoughts and perceptions. Love is the thing that maintains us in life,  but only when it is given unreservedly, without ulterior motives and expectations. Amazing: the more one gives the more there is! 
A contributing factor underlying almost all serious heart conditions is an unsuitable sleeping place. A displacement in the region of the 2nd thoracic vertebra can lead to problems with the heart and circulation.