Add a little ‘bam’ to your intentions!

Vibrational waters in different astrological signs!

Water that has been charged overnight under a Full Moon takes on the specific qualities of the astrological sign it is currently in.

This coming Full Moon on January 12th is a perfect time to make your Moon water. I like to use vibrational waters as a foundation for all my blends and use them for specific life challenges to support my clients.


A few of the benefits found specific to Capricorn charged waters are;

  • Strengthening boundaries
  • Motivation & Success
  • Patience (with time)
  • Dedication to life journey & career path
  • Strengthening relationships with father figures and the male authority
  • Simplicity
  • Responsibility
  • Earth Element ~ Confidence


Do you have a friend who is always crossing boundaries? Maybe it’s time to have a chat or enforce a healthy space for yourself. Before you act spritz a little of the charged water on you knees (ruled by Capricorn) to strengthen your resolve and gives you an extra boost!


Scared to step out in a new way? Take a sip or spritz yourself before a meeting or interview & remind yourself you are enough. This simple action gives you a little edge to your confidence and strengthens your intention!


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