I have been on the path of self-transformation for over 20 years, searching for practical answers to all of life’s mysteries. Unraveling the mystery of my autoimmune disease took every ounce of knowledge I had acquired in the healing field.

It has taken many years for me to fully comprehend the originating cause of my autoimmune disease, and realize how complicated and challenging it can be to fully heal. I made a commitment for myself, to peel back the layers, and discover the deeper causes of my illness. The good news is, I did it and you can too. I am living proof that consistency, and following the path of self-awareness, with a focus on energy and spirituality, can radically alleviate symptoms, and rebuild a healthy immune system.

It wasn’t until my late thirties that I began to experience chronic health issues. I’d suffered from Endometriosis from the age of thirteen, and just presumed it was something I’d have to live with. The endometriosis blocked my fallopian tubes and caused infertility in my twenties. My declining gut health and unexplained weight gain soon followed. No one was able to explain what was happening to me, I felt so alone and unheard by the medical profession. My health gradually declined in my thirties with fibromyalgia, arrhythmia, arthritic joints, hypothyroidism, brain fog, panic attacks, anemia, interstitial cystitis, tinnitus, vertigo, adrenal fatigue, I.B.S., and insomnia. My doctor had no real explanation, as autoimmune disease was not widely recognized at the time, and over the years prescribed antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory medications. In an attempt to find a cure I saw many doctors, but their response was to prescribe more medication, with no explanation for what was happening to my body.

Everything escalated the day I hemorrhaged and almost died. I arrived at the emergency room with hardly a pulse, and spent ten hours in the E.R. being stabilized. They discovered a large tumor, in my uterus, had exploded and I was the cause of the hemorrhage. An emergency hysterectomy was recommended, but my blood levels were too low to safely proceed. Finally, after a week in the hospital, my levels improved enough to have the hysterectomy. I had another close call when my doctor over prescribed Percocet for my pain, and my liver and kidneys began to shut down. My complaints to the nursing staff that something was wrong were ignored, and it wasn’t until huge volumes of bile came out of me that I finally got my doctor’s attention. This experience forced me to see the medical profession with new eyes. I had grown up believing doctors were God like. I no longer believed this.

Many doctors prescribe medication, without taking a holistic view of the underlying issues, and this can prove extremely dangerous, if not fatal. Something was very wrong and I understood it would be up to me to find the answers. I could remain on the traditional route and use allopathic medications to alleviate my symptoms, or find a holistic multi-tiered approach (that would not offer immediate relief) that could hopefully get to the root of my disease. My decision was clear, and I chose the latter. Looking back I see how my autoimmune disease gradually ate away at my health, year after year. It was a decline that slowly took over my wellbeing, similar to putting a frog in a pot of water and bringing it to the boil. The following lays out how I was able to heal my immune system and gradually return to health. It describes some of the challenges I faced along the way in the hope you will not feel alone on your healing journey.

Food as Medicine

When faced with being unable to function in my life, due to the severity of my illness, there was an immediacy to find relief from the pain, and also to stop the progression of the virus. I no longer wanted to use medications to mask my symptoms, and instead chose to change my diet and use food as my medicine. First I chose to stop ingesting the toxins, chemicals and artificial foods that my body wasn’t able to digest. I then began a series of cleanses to eliminate the toxins that were stored in my body. I was also aware, through the work I do, that I would also have to cleanse my mind and emotions but that would have to wait.

The body can digest natural foods but it doesn’t know how to digest chemicals at a cellular level. Chemicals are foreign objects that your body doesn’t know how to digest. The undigested chemicals and toxins are held in your cells. The storing of these toxins becomes a stress factor to the body and a major cause of autoimmune disease.

After eliminating processed and artificial food I erased gluten and alcohol from my diet. I chose to eat highly nutritional plant based foods as they contain an energy my body needed to repair and rebuild. Living in California on a gluten-free diet was easy, as most restaurants and grocery stores cater to this, but abstaining from alcohol was HARD! I lived in Sonoma County, surrounded by vineyards and tasting rooms! I’d been raised with food playing a major role in my life. Growing up in my family, the discussions and daily life revolved around what to eat. Food was how I found pleasure in life from cooking to eating out, and I had enormous resistance to giving up my lifestyle. I resented not being able to eat the way others could, and was faced with my first challenge. Was it more important to maintain my lifestyle vs. my health? My symptoms forced me to choose the latter. One of my biggest obstacles was the negative reaction from people in my life who were skeptical, and often threatened, of my healthy choices.

At this time I happened upon Anthony William a.k.a. ‘The Medical Medium’. This was four years before he wrote his first book and became well known. He talked about Epstein Barr virus and how it is the cause of most autoimmune disease. I immediately knew I had found my answer but that also meant, if I followed his advise, I could no longer consume dairy, eggs, corn, canola oil, pork and soy (to name a few!) as they all fed the Epstein Barr virus. To be honest, it took me years to fully commit to eating this way, but when I was finally able to the change was dramatic. My biggest change, from altering my diet, was a significant reduction of my I.B.S. and arthritis in my joints. My other symptoms (Fibromyalgia, Arrhythmia, and Cystitis) reduced significantly after I completed a series of liver and heavy metal cleanses following the Medical Medium protocol.

It’s important to note my healing happened on many levels. It required I work not just on the physical, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This involved bringing awareness and healing to areas of my life I had never experienced before.

As an energy healer I was aware the energy, for my physical body, started with my root chakra. It is the center of physical energy, grounding, stability, and self-preservation. This included my basic needs such as food, water, shelter, safety, as well as my need to live fearlessly. An open root chakra allows one to be physically here, and feeling at home in situations. Blocks in this chakra cause anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, and eating disorders. It governs your back, feet, hips, spine and legs. I began to unravel the mystery of my disease. My anxiety, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, and depression were all caused by a disruption in my first chakra. I now was able to narrow my focus and bring awareness to my issues of not feeling safe in my body due to abuse, and facing the unhealthy relationships in my family.


Beyond diet I began a supplement and tincture regime targeting my specific issues. I followed The Medical Medium’s protocol, which helped me tremendously. I began to use the tinctures and supplements in fairly large doses morning and evening. These natural medicines work slowly and patience is needed. Sometimes years pass before you notice a significant change although this depends on the progression of your disease. I noticed a huge improvement within 6 months. This was the first time I truly felt hopeful that I could take charge of my health issues using natural plant based medicine. The improvement of my health was dramatic.

When I had an outbreak of fibromyalgia or interstitial cystitis, I amped up my supplements and tinctures and took them 3 times a day. Unbelievably, the virus lost its strength and withdrew. It no longer took me 2/3 weeks to heal instead I could be up and about after a few days. This was a game changer!

This feels like a good place to finish sharing the first stage of my healing journey. In my next blog I will deepen into the mystery of the cause of my health issues. I will share my deeper understanding of dis-ease, beyond our physical reality. I hope my sharing has helped you on your healing journey. Please reach out if I can support you in any way.