Over the past twelve years I have navigated the often frustrating and confusing choices of which supplements to take to heal from the Epstein Barr Virus. Beyond a good daily vitamin (essential) the list below describes the amounts I take every morning. I will list in a separate blog, the liquid extracts (that are the backbone to healing EBV) that I also take daily.

I discovered Anthony William twelve years ago, before he had written a book, and immediately knew he was the real deal and could help me. However, I soon became overwhelmed with the suggestions he made…there were so many! The recommendations I am sharing come from years of trial and error.

I use Vimergy products (shown above) as their quality is exceptional. They are however quite expensive, so if they are beyond your budget go to www.themedicalmedium.com to see Anthony Williams list of preferred products, often available on Amazon.

Vitamin C – 4 capsules

L-Lysine – 4 capsules

Turmeric – 2 capsules

EPA/DHA – 1 capsule

Magnesium Glycinate – 2 capsules

D3/K2 drops – I like Thorne products but you can purchase from many sources. Use the recommended dosage listed.

MSM – 1 capsule

5-HTP – 1 capsule

5-MTHG – 1 capsule

GABA – 1 capsule

Lauricidin – 1 full scoop. However I recommend you start with a 1/4 scoop and increase over a month or so

If I have an outbreak of EBV (usually due to eating gluten by mistake!) I will take an additional dose in the evening using the same amounts of Vitamin C, L-Lysine, and Turmeric, along with extra tinctures and extracts mentioned above.

Please note I am not a doctor or nutritionist and can’t give you medical or nutritional advise. I am offering the experience and knowledge I gained to overcome my autoimmune symptoms. Please seek the advise of a professional medical doctor before taking any of these recommendations.